Late Shift: Back To The Drawing Board

Every three months join the National Portrait Gallery for Late Shift Extra special guest-curated and themed evenings, when the Gallery is open until 22.00 and every floor is buzzing with music, installations, performances and a wide range of free events, from photo sessions, masterclasses and film screenings to DJs, debates and walking tours.

Late Shift Extra: Back To The Drawing Board

5 October 2012, 18:00-22:00
Across the Gallery

Classes start from 18.00
Class dismissed at 22.00

As autumn arrives it’s time to head back to school, collect your timetable and enroll for lessons with a Late Shifttwist!

The Art curriculum includes life-drawing, painting and tutorials with illustrators Marion Deuchars, Shirley Hughes and Clara VulliamyYou can also take a Drama class, brush up on your French, have a Historylesson or get creative in a Textiles workshop. Plus bring along your smart phone or ipad to take part in the IT class. Pick up a Late Shift tour sketchbook and be inspired by Late Shift Extra’s head boy, artist Stuart Pearson Wright.

Hang out in the Tuck Shop for a drink with fellow students, or skip class and head for a gig with The Tiger’s Bride.

Some events will be interpreted in British Sign Language

All classes are free. Some classes have limited capacity; tickets available on the night from 18.00.


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