A Model to Follow: Daniel Bamdad


Daniel Bamdad is a german professional dancer and choregraph. Daniel is from Hamburg, he is 21yrs and has decided to move to Paris in 2011 to pursue his upcoming artistic projects in France. Nicknamed Daniel “inked” Bamdad, you may have seen him featured in French singer Shy’m “On se fout de nous” video clip.

„This is art” is inked above his right eye – Daniel ́s favourite tattoo. He is considering his body as a piece of art. He spent about 100 hours getting tattooed by now. Paradoxically, super-inked Daniel is making a big stir in the fashion business, which is made-up of flawless bodies. Discovered only some months ago behind a bar, he already opened the Vivienne Westwood show at Milan Fashion Week and strutted the catwalk for Versace.
He is definitely one to watch!

You see him here filmed by Marcelo Burlon.

Check out Daniel Bamdad Interview

Daniel Bamdad make use raise another question, why are girls (and gays?) attracted to bad boys?

Bad boy. Rebel without a cause, wounded, moody, misunderstood, a dreamer, a seducer, a daredevil. Simply a man of mystery, a fascinating paradox.
He is both a lost little boy, and a man with a dark side. He breaks your heart with his wicked ways, but whether he is a wanton wolf, or a dangerous desperado, he makes you long to rescue him from his pain. He is hurtful, cruel, or simply careless and self-absorbed, but you can’t resist jumping on his motorcycle, and roaring off into the steamy night with him. He is someone who sets off throbbing sexual and aggressive passions with you, because he is aloof and elusive, you get caught up in the challenge and the excitement of the chase.

Daniel Bamdad

Daniel ‘Inked’ Bamdad

So why girls (and gays?) are attracted to bad boys?
The attraction to the bad boy is built on an image. The external image of his person, his look. It is, at first, purely physical. Bad boys usually are fit, muscled, bodybuilder perhaps, often tattooed. The body of a bad boy, even if he pretend to be careless about it, is his artwork. Tattoos express his torments, his aspirations, we try to read him out by understanding those inked line running over his skin.

Daniel 'Inked' Bamdad

Daniel ‘Inked’ Bamdad

Usually emanates from the bad boy a certain sex appeal, a wildness in his eyes. His rough movements, maybe rude talking are a untold promise of a wild night with him, and, unconsciously, this acts as a magnet. The conceptive idea of a bad boy masterisation of the Kama sutra is reinforced by his faint ignorance of admirers. The human nature is based on the principe of “follow me and I will run away, run away from me and I will follow you”. So when the bad boy ignores you, you cannot get him out of your mind. And, unconsciously as well, the facts that he ignores you, shows you he is dominant. He does not need you, does not need your listening, your agreement in anything. He is dominant toward you, and his is dominant toward the other males. This dominance will, involuntarily, again be an untold promise of a wild night. Indeed your unconscious will analyze that and imagine this comportment will be reproduces in a sexual manner.

Daniel 'Inked' Bamdad

Daniel ‘Inked’ Bamdad

Seeing him as dominant over the other male will make you feel that if you do catch him, you will be protected, no other male will approach you as you are with the male alpha. No one would risk to upset you as you are with the dominant.
However the feeling of protection flirts with the feeling of danger. After all, danger is what attracted you first in a bad boy (motorcycle rides, gang tattoos…). But the feeling of endangerment runs deeper, indeed, being with the male alpha means that whoever will approach you will probably face a fight. The thrill of the idea is double sided, you are excited that he protects you, and you are afraid that he will actually gets hurt (physically or emotionally) if he comes to lose.

Daniel 'Inked' Bamdad

Daniel ‘Inked’ Bamdad

The mysteries he hides fascinate, human nature wants to discover what’s hidden, curiosity goes a long way. The bad boy seems tormented, with psychological issues. And that’s what also fascinates you, you desire no more than to understand him, probably release him from his demon. Unconsciously you see him as a troubled child, and carting about him, understanding his problem would put you in the maternal position. You think you would be able to take care of him. You love the bad boy because deep in your heart you dream of catching him and change him. He is a frog you would like to transform in a prince by your kiss. Bad have you already try to catch a frog? It is fast, jumpy, slippery and, when you do catch them, some are poisonous. A bad boy don’t let himself be caught, and certainly won’t let himself get kissed to become the prince you want.

Daniel 'Inked' Bamdad

Daniel ‘Inked’ Bamdad

The bad boy is not the only one with psychological issues, loving them is a pathological condition by itself, so are we all insane to love them?


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