Paul Smith Outlet London

Hey fellas!

Yes we are students, and maybe we are broke but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look good, trendy, fashionable, or simply adorable!

We are in UK, home country of one of the best fashion designer of the 21st century, and my personal favorite, Paul Smith. I know what you will say, this shouldn’t be on this blog, that it is expensive and so on, but wait a minute, that is the best part of it, Paul Smith has an Sale shop in London!!!

Items of previous collection are sold there, but Paul Smith is never out of fashion, so previous collection or not you will find lovely shirts, scarves, hats (love his hats), pants, shoes, socks, and even his famous bags; and all at a very attractive price.

So who said students cannot dress “made in Europe”, who said student cannot have taste for fashion?!

The staff there is very friendly and helpful, the place is cosy and very “Paul Smith” britishness. So keep an eye on that place, go regularly check out the stock as you can find real piece of jewel at a very reasonable price.

Here’s the address:

23 Avery Row, Mayfair, London W1 9HX

Paul Smith Outlet Mayfair (map location)

As christmas time will be approaching, you may want to check the Paul Smith Boutique as well, a real attraction in itself for the decor, the atmosphere and the music.

You can find Paul Smith Boutique at Floral Street near Convent Garden.



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